·         How do I apply?
You can apply online or you scan and send you documents to us via email or you apply in person by contacting any of our representation or at the head office.
·         What are the Basic requirements?
ü  A valid international passport,
ü  Certified copies of academic credentials (O-Level result for undergraduate applicants and Transcript for post graduate applicants),
ü  Birth certificate or sworn affidavit of age declaration,
ü  Four passport photographs,
ü  Letter of sponsorship,(optional)
·         How does one know if his/her application is successful?
A notification will be sent to EASY REACH AND COMPANY and we will in turn let you know.
·         Will the tuition fee be paid at once?
The tuition fee can be paid on installments as stipulated by the school.
·         Can one be schooling and working?
Yes you can but not in all times.
·         What are the Embassy requirements?
Different countries have their various Embassy requirements. However the basic once are as follows:
ü  Admission letter
ü  Academic credentials
ü  A valid international passport
ü  Evidence of payments of tuition fee/other fees
ü  Bank statement (optional)
ü  Medical report and Birth certificate or Age declaration
ü  Letter of sponsorship(optional)
·         How does one go about getting Accommodation?
The school can provide accommodations that will be paid for or one can live off campus.
·         Do I have to go with my original documents?
You have to be with your documents it will be demanded for by the Immigration officials at the Airports and without the documents you cannot complete your registration at the school